Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grammar Rant...Ellipses

Okay, it's been more than three days since my last grammar rant.  I think I'm entitled to a new one.  This one is all about...ellipsis.  If you don't know what ellipsis are, well, you just saw a set of them.  They are the little dot-dot-dots.  Here's a link for anyone who doesn't understand their usage: Grammar Girl--Ellipsis  This rant is about ellipses at the end of sentences.  It seems that every writer I've encountered lately doesn't understand that when an ellipses is at the end of a sentence, you still punctuate that sentence as you normally would.

That is, the three dots are the ellipses.  If a sentence ends in an ellipses that is a question, it would be marked ...?  Exclamation point ...!  Period .... 

To clarify, three dots and a question mark, three dots and an exclamation point, three dots and a period.

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