Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Planetary Hours

The Planetary Hours is something I have never explored before, and always wrote-off as a bit too technical and silly.  Not today.  I'm learning to use the Agrippa method to calculate planetary hours, as it's been very effective so far.  There are some great explanations of how to do this on the Web, but I have been just using:


The thing that has interested me today, when it comes to planetary hours, is how to use this in "real life" situations, as opposed to magickal uses.  The more you use something, the more you learn.  So I broke out my trusty Kabbalistic Tree of Life reference book, and found that both Chesed and Netzach are associated with some form of "love."  Sounds like a nice, soft energy to me.  Netzach's planetary influence is Venus, and Chesed's is Jupiter.  So today, just for fun, I looked up the Venus and Jupiter planetary hours.  I tried to put my son down for his nap during the Jupiter influence, but by the time he had lain down, it entered into the Mars influence (all about aggression and opposition) and I noticed it was a real struggle for him to try to sleep.  So I let him goof around and put him down for his nap during the Venus influence and that boy DROPPED to sleep.  I'm going to put him to bed for the night during the night time Venus (or Jupiter) hour and see if it works as well.  It's really interesting to see these cycles in action on a mundane level.  I have to believe magicians have been employing these methods for *some* reason for (at least) hundreds of years, but seeing something work on a practical level is every bit as interesting to me.  I also find it helpful to know the times when my kid is just *not* going to go to sleep.

If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, here's a place to find the basics, at a glance:
Tree of Life

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