Friday, May 20, 2011

The Law of Attraction, & Metallica

(You'll find out what this has to do with magick towards the end.)

Ever since last Christmas, when my mother got my husband and I the DVD The Big 4, I really wanted to see the Big 4 live. The DVD is of Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, and Metallica live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I really really really wanted to see them all live. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I'd watch the DVD and think about it. "Wouldn't it be awesome to see?" I asked my husband. "Yeah," he said wistfully. "If they come close within driving distance, I want to go. We're going," I said. Then, in the last month or so, I started having constant dreams about Metallica. Meeting Metallica. Being backstage. Metallica, Metallica, Metallica. And I thought, I haven't even been listening to their music lately. Why am I dreaming about Metallica? So I go onto their web site. They're coming to New York in September. Within driving distance. I wish I would have listened to my dreams sooner: we'd have better tickets. What's really ironic is they announced adding the new show on their web site on my birthday.

For the last year, I wanted a Kindle. I really really really wanted a Kindle. I cut out a picture of a Kindle in a magazine and looked at it. I didn't have to have the 3g, just the regular old Kindle would be fine. However, the picture I cut out was of the Kindle 3g because it's what I found. I put it in my clipboard. Every so often, I'd open my clipboard and see the picture and think, Boy, it would sure be nice to have that Kindle. Then I would picture myself using it, feeling it. I decided. For my birthday, I was going to get a Kindle. I told my husband, "Hey, there are a lot of folks who love me. If you all chipped in, I could get that Kindle." He grunted. I told my mom...who happened to be in Best Buy at the time. Guess what I got for my birthday? Kindle 3g. And I LOVE my Kindle.

What does this have to do with magick? EVERYTHING. Of course, the most important aspect of Hermetic Magick is reaching what some would call enlightenment and what others would call Unity with God. (And I mean nothing male or female about the term "God." God has no gender in Hermetic magick.) I've been working the practical bits as well as the spiritual ones, myself.

According to Donald Michael Kraig in Modern Magick, 3rd edition, "...whatever is created on the astral plane eventually must manifest in our world, the physical plane." (My emphasis.) This also happens to be a form of Grey Magick, according to some. It doesn't matter if it was conscious or not. I could suffer some sort of backlash for doing this Grey Magick...or not, depending on who you ask. I'm really really really hoping that the backlash is that I somehow get to meet the Big 4 <g>. But anyway, if this was a magick I had consciously set up, I would have done the Binding Spell, or, as I like to call it, The Waiver. (see below for Binding Spell and possible switcheroos).

So why did I get what I wanted? Kraig says, "The more emotionally involved you become with your goal, the greater your chances for rapid success." Guess what? I would look at that Kindle picture pretty often and think about how much I wanted it. All I could think was, I'm going to get it. I was positive about it. Never let doubt or negativity enter my mind. I watched that Big 4 DVD pretty often, loved the music and would think, I really want to see this live. Again, I was positive and emotionally involved.

The Binding Spell

By the power of three times three,
This spell bound round in love shall be
To work no ill nor return to me
As I will,
So mote it be!

You can totally take the Wiccan elements out, if you choose, and make it Christian:

By the power of Jesus
This prayer is meant well
So don't let ill
Return to us

or whatever, depending on your beliefs, as long as you have something in there about how you have good intentions and don't want anything crummy to happen and come back at you.

This sort of work is nothing more than a prayer. You're sending your intended desire out into the Universe, hoping "something" will hear you. Wicca is my background so this is probably what I would do. However, now that I've been practicing ceremonial magick, I might do a tarot reading beforehand to discover the outcome.

Before you go thinking this is just a bunch of witchy New Age hooey, I'll say that most Ceremonial Magick is based on the Kabala (Jewish mysticism). Golly, wasn't Jesus a Jew?

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