Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spooky, isn't it?

The living believe there is just one way to die when, in truth, there are infinite ways. I know because I am dead. 

All of those things that you leave behind. They are the dead that follow you. Remember the hate for a co-worker, someone who was once a friend, an acquaintance? Do you think those thoughts fall away so easily? The dead are energies floating around. 

I am the Grim Reaper, of sorts. I find your dead, and reap it. I steal it in my astral fingers and fill my tiny mojo bag with it. Then, I bring it back to life. 

Some call me spooky, a ghost, when they meet me, but I am so much more. Your worst nightmare sounds so cliche, but I am the one who brings the dead back to life. Your dead. I am the one who brings the dead back to you.

Beginning in October, what my people understood and you seem to know nothing of, is the time of the Dead. The months of the Dead. October and November. This is the time when the veil grows thin, when it is easy to make your dead follow you.  Nobody remembers their ancestors anymore. 

Right now, you are just a meatbag vibrating at a lower rate than me. Flopping around without a care. Yours are the eyes that seek not to bother with your soul and Divinity. Yours are the eyes that would rather feed the ego. Think you know so much better than your neighbor? Think you are so much better than your neighbor? Oh, I love that sweet, sweet poison. The thing I can sling back at you so easily. Yours are the eyes of lust, selfishness, gluttony, greed....Such a long list.

But you will remember. Call me spooky, if you will. It's a fun name for such a dark creation.

More than anyone, I should understand why you are who you have become. After all, you created me.

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