Monday, October 3, 2011

Monster Story - Book Review

4.5 stars = MUST READ

It all starts with Christine returning to her small West Virginia hometown.  Her grandmother had died of a heart attack.  Christine doesn't exactly have a Hallmark relationship with her mother, but Christine's inheritance keeps her there -- at least, until she sorts things out.  In the meantime, a series of grisly deaths have occurred.  Is it a monster?  Werewolf?  Serial killer?  You're just going to have to read it yourself to know.  This was a pulse-pounding fear ride that I absolutely *could not put down* until I was finished.  Yet, I was delighted at how tastefully the author handled the necessary gore.  I like to know what's going on in a story, but am not exactly up for lengthy, puke-inducing descriptions.  Really, doesn't one bloody intestine look like another?

There are somewhere around 30 typos, additional words, and minor flub-ups (actually 29 by my count) but it wasn't anything that horribly distracted from the story.  I would give it five stars, if not for all the errors.  This is the BEST FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR for me so far, and I hope everyone who reads this will go buy their copy immediately.  

NOTE: While I did receive a copy of this book for review, I do not know the author and consider myself an unbiased reader.

Update: After Ms. Griffin read my blog post, she asked if I saved the list of flub-ups because she wanted to fix them so to my knowledge, she now has an error free book.  However, since I don't normally start marking stuff until the seventh boo-boo, I might have missed something.

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