Monday, September 12, 2011

NIGHTCRY, a book review

I've managed to succumb to peer pressure: this is my blog's first official book review.  Expect many more, as I'm a readaholic.  Coral Russell thought reviewing might help feed my addiction.  So far, so good.  To the meat of the matter...

NIGHTCRY - Gregory M. Thompson

3.5 stars (translation=above average, recommended)

The story begins with the gruesome discovery of a dead body in the woods...and I do mean gruesome.  From the beginning couple of pages, I wondered if this would be a story I could stomach.  I'm glad I continued.  The story went on to detail a small town reporter's struggle to understand the supernatural, which had plagued his family for generations, as well as solve a murder mystery.  There were a couple of times when I thought, just maybe, the ghost did it.  If you want a nice piece of brain candy to munch on, give Nightcry a try.  The prose was plain, but the story was fast-paced and interesting.  There seemed to be a general theme of family developing in this story, but it was more the karma you inherit from your family rather than anything touchy-feely.

The cons?  Two. 1.)The editing could have used a grammar/OCD nut like myself.  One star off for editing because it made for muddy readability in places. 2.)The main character seems to be middle-aged, but occasionally he makes the sort of remarks you would expect out of a teenager with either slightly inappropriate humor or bits that refer to the character's mother a bit too often.  So minus a half a star for inconsistent characterization.

Overall, a fun, quick read.  Will be interested in what he comes up with next.

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