Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mourning a Novel - Creator and Death

Quite a few of my friends are novelists, and there is something I can't stop thinking about in relation to novel writing: the mourning period.  All these novel people/sentient beings (sometimes based on real people) become interesting and sometimes friends to their creator.  When the novel is finished, the writer mopes around missing her friends because it is like she killed them all, even if they lived.  It's like living with someone for a year or more and then kicking them out for no reason at all.  And even if you re-animate them in a series, that character is still dead in that way.  A series is not always workable, either.  I have always said that I understand a part of the mourning that happens when a friend dies.  There is the fact that the person was your friend and that you will miss them, but it's more than that.  They take all your potential memories with them.  It's like a part of you dies because part of you will never get to spend time with that person again, will never experience certain things with you (and vice versa).

And it makes me think that the Divine must mourn when we die too.  Maybe that's why it nearly always rains at funerals....


  1. I'll never forget my finishing the game FFX that my daughter watched me play when she was about four years old. I finished the game and the characters walk off into the sunset and my daughter started bawling when she figured out I had finished the game and wouldn't be playing it anymore. When I asked her why she was upset, she said, "They're my friends!" lol I had never looked at it that way before but reading this made me remember it.

  2. Wow, they walk off into the sunset. Talk about "the end." Poor kid.