Monday, January 24, 2011

Kindle prices likely to fall

Kindle e-reader

Well, the predictions are already starting to come in: Amazon's e-reader, the Kindle, will likely be $99 this year, according to the above article. While I love sitting down with a good paper book, I look forward to the day when my son (who is currently only 2 1/2 and not yet in school) will get his e-reader out of his desk and have everything he needs right there instead of having to lug around 100 lbs of books. Bad for us massage therapists though....And, obviously, the more e-readers, the better e-books will sell.


  1. Well that's a relief. That must mean demand is going up too. I have to say, I do want one. The program for PC isn't bad but...I do love the portability of something that small.

  2. My thoughts exactly, on all points. Once they get under $100, that's when I'm grabbing one up.